Our creator of the month is Florian Genal a.k.a FlojoArt from Germany. He joined eYeka not long ago - at the beginning of this year but already showed us his amazing creativity and productivity: he won 7 prizes in eYeka contests so far!  What’s his winning secret? You can find out more in our short interview with him ;)   Hello, FlojoArt! Can you please introduce yourself to us? My name is Florian, I am 33 years old and I am living in Germany.  I love every kind of art! And I am always ready for some new projects and some new ideas. Art means freedom to me! I believe there are no rules in the art.

When I was 13 years old, I started to learn dancing. At the age of 16, I learnt breakdance by myself. After joining lots of competitions, dance battles and shows, I know that I just want to be on the stage! Since 2004, I became a professional dancer, and have been working all over Europe, in theaters, dinner-shows and product presentations, etc. You can see my dancing video <Au contraire>here :

  Great dancing video! Thanks for sharing with us. We noticed that you joined eYeka not long ago - at the beginning of this year. Can you share with us how did you find eYeka and what did you think of eYeka at that time? I was searching for some challenging contests for myself to practice my 3D Art and animation skills. Then I found eYeka! I immediately felt in love with it. I like the style of eYeka; I like the community - so many great artists from so many different countries! And of course I like different kinds of competitions here. And till now, I still cannot believe that I won in my first competition at eYeka! This gave me a lot of incentive and I started joining other eYeka contests. Competitions helped me come closer to my goals in my life. To me, the whole life is like a competition, but my goals were never “to be better” then somebody else, my goals are always “to be different”. Of course, to join the contests, there were a lot of sleepless nights and hard works, but I always spent with my passion. I always believe that without passion, you cannot do something outstanding!   It’s really a surprise that you are actually a dancer! :) So how did you learn animation & design and when did you start doing animation & design? Your creations for eYeka are very professional! Thank you! For myself, I think I am far away from professional at 3D animations, but I want to be professional and will do it more professional. I hope you will see my improvement in the next few months. When I first saw a 3D animation, I wanted to do something like that.  At the end of 2008, I had an art project for 10 month in a theater. For that production, I need a skyline background for my show. But I don’t want to just put a static picture there; I want a background that is alive. I tried different techniques with video cut, etc. but I was never happy with the result. Then I tried to start working with a 3D program. The beginning was very hard, but it was love at the first sight with the result. After that, I started buying books, finding tutorials and spending A LOT OF TIME with the 3D work. So I learned most of the skills by practicing. In every new project, I try to put some new skills inside. By this way, I learn and grow on every project, and it’s great when you have a deadline or a reason to finish a project. Till now I still work daily on improving my skills. Even you didn’t join eYeka for long, you have won 7 prizes so far and you have potential to win in other ended contests too. What do you think puts you above the other participants (any winning secrets)? I think there are no secrets. Most of the time, I get the idea immediately when reading the contest brief. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I always like clear lines and good ideas. It really helps a lot; Also, my experience is: show your work to a non-partisan person before you submit it. I always show my creations that I did to my girlfriend and believe me, she is really critical and it helps! ☺ All of your animations have very good storyline and they meet the brief very well. Can you tell us where do those good ideas that you have come from? And usually where do your inspirations come from? Frist of all, I have lots of contacts with artists from the whole world. Most of them are acrobats, directors, musicians and now I know more and more 3D artists and designers. I like to talk with them a lot and share some great ideas with each other. Secondly, I get most of the inspirations from my life! From the person around me, from the things what I watch and listen. I think it’s more about how you are going through your life. There are always a lot of great things, impressions and ideas around you everywhere, you just need to see and catch them. What are the things you like about eYeka, and what are the things that you think could be improved on or added in the future? I like the idea of eYeka very much! The community is great! There are a lot of great artists, and some works are really professional and just amazing! For me it’s always sad that we cannot see the winning ideas and videos. I think there must be a lot of great ideas inside! If they can be public, that will be great. Last question: any personal story about eYeka you would like to share with us?   Yes, I would like to share the story about my participation on Bonafont contest. The Bonafont contest is about how important is to drink water to clean your body from toxins.  After I made the video for this contest (btw, my girlfriend was the actor of this clip), and after we saw other videos on eYeka, we changed our habit completely and really drink minimum 2-liter water everyday! And we really feel good with it☺!! Thank you eYeka!!   Thank you for the interview, Florian! We wish you all the best for your future endeavour and we are always happy to see your creations here on eYeka ;)