Hello, everyone! We are now in December, the end of the year. It’s that time of year when the sorrow of the leaving the year co-exists with the excitements and expectations of the coming new year.  The creator of this month has been selected as we expect more activities from the Korean community which is currently growing and still will in 2013. So, the hero is a Korean creator Hyuk Lee. It is the first time we introduce a Korean creator on eYeka. He won the second prize on the contest of Hyundai Euro 2012


Hello, my name is Hyuk Lee, 26years old.  I majored in broadcast communications at University. Those days, I took a year off to learn 3D and CG effects and to do my personal portfolio. I participated in local Korean contests several times and I won some of them a couple of times. Then I thought I had to get challenged by international contest. That’s how I joined eYeka. When I saw the site for the first time, I liked it immediately because it is an international site and also because there were many Korean brands that I knew. Also, contests are organized by big international brands on a large scale, and I thought it is really interesting. If I compare with contests in Korea, contests on eYeka are done on a bigger scale and I realized that there were many great creators out there. I thought there are many advantages on eYeka because for example in different countries people have different ways of expressing moving images and I wanted to learn about it. Also it is a good opportunity to assess my level. In Korea, the contests are very similar to one another. I find much more diversity in eYeka’s contests. In fact, I doubted for a while as eYeka wasn’t well-known in Korea. So I didn’t know if it was a reliable site or not. Then I saw several public works and answers by the Community team. Finally I understood I could trust it. Usually, it is difficult to participate in international contests. The biggest barrier is the language. However eYeka provides a site translated in Korean. It helped me a lot.

As I am studying graphics these days, I wanted to practice what I have learnt while participating in contests. So I asked friends who study graphics with me and we decided to do it together. The contest Hyundai Euro 2012 was about the passion for football. As our team members were all male who love football, we thought we could have some great idea for this contest. Rightly so as we won.  It increased our confidence a lot and I think we will keep participating in more contests. I would recommend to my fellow creators to participate to eYeka’s contests. eYeka is easily accessible and allows us to connect with big brands.  Just trying to compete with talented creators from all around the world, you will experience that it changes your thoughts and attitude. While I participated in non-eYeka Korean contests, I did my best but I felt quite limited. But with eYeka’s contest, I was constantly thinking and trying to have better ideas as much as possible. Because I knew the creators on eYeka are very talented. It seems that it has awakened my hidden potential. I saw there are many European winners. I would like to show that also Asian people have many talents in creative work. If we could view creative and high quality videos on eYeka, we will visit more often eYeka site and will be helpful for further developments. To participate in contests for any kind of brands, I need to find in it some fun and interests. Because, I want to enjoy the creating process. So, I would like to see brands such as Google or Blizzard contest on eYeka.  I wonder what would a brief look like for a company which is fun, free and extremely well organized at the same time. Thank you for the interview. Through this interview with Hyuk Lee, I hope many creators will get motivated and I am looking forward to meeting you and your wonderful and creative ideas on eYeka. :)