Hello everyone! We would love to surprise you with a super-fast announcement of the results of the Flash Poker contest! Thank you all for your hard work.

First prize of 5,000€ goes to Soulliquor (from France) Second prize of 3,000€ goes to Gilz (from France) Third prize of 2,000€ goes to FlorentSabatier (from France) The Jury has also something to tell you:

"Dear creators, Yesterday evening was held in Paris the jury to select best Flash Poker / eYeka video contest. Jury was composed of poker and mass media journalists, professional players and team members of PartyPoker.fr. Keep in mind the purpose of this challenge was to create a video showing Flash Poker game in day-to-day situation, in a fun and original way. Amongst all videos, 17 videos were first selected for the projection. Jury finally agreed on a short-list of 6 videos. Consensus was hard to find but finally Toilet waiting, business meeting agreement and sexual intimacy situations were the ones that seduced most jury members because they were fun, entertaining, realistic and well executed. These 3 videos won the contest. A big thank you for all who worked hard to realize their videos. We really enjoyed the outcome of this contest and much appreciated participation. We look forward to seeing you soon again. Kind regards, PartyPoker.fr team"

Also, PartyPoker.fr has released application Flash Poker on the 29th of November, which is now available in AppStore.

Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to every one for your participation :D