Eyes are the windows of a woman’s soul. It showcases her beauty; it reveals her personality; it tells a story about her. Eyes can be clear and innocent, eyes can be attractive and inviting, eyes can be calm and wise. What will the ideal pair of eyes look like for an Asian Woman? How do they look and feel when they have it? Clarins is a world famous beauty brand that concentrates all its effort into providing the best eye care products. It wants to know the dreams and ideas about Asian women’s eyes so that it can create the best products for the most beautiful eyes in your mind. Through an insightful and engrossing visual and verbal media, illustrate how an Asian woman looks and feels when she’s having the pair of eyes she always dreams about. Format: PowerPoint presentations, photos or illustrations with text. Prize: we have up to 5,000€ for the 3 best entries!
First Prize: 3,000€ Second Prize: 1,500€ Third Prize: 500€
Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. Clarins contest will be running until 18 December 2012.