Dear creators, eYeka community, friends, It is with great sadness that I have to say goodbye to you today, it's goodbye-eYeka-time for me. The moment came to go out there and look for new opportunities and new (creative) adventures, and I feel it's going to be good :-D I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your great creations, media, comments, complaints and more loving feedback I got, it has been indubitably the best part of the job :-D Unfortunately I only personally met some of you, the very few creators who made it to our HQ in Paris, but I feel like I have known some of you personally too, after all the email exchanges we had. It has been a great pleasure to talk with you, to be part of the Community Managers team and to support you in every step of the creative process. I have learned many things, I laughed a lot at many of your funny works, I loved some and found real creativity and poetry in others, so please keep up the awesome work! Be assured that your team of Community Managers is always trying to make thing work better for you, so now that I won't be here anymore, it will be my colleague's pleasure to get your feedback, see your media and talk with you, they are very loving people so treat them well :-) I'll keep looking at the website to see some the crazy stuff you people are up to; to all the ones I could not send a personal message please forgive me, you are too many and I did not have enough time :-( Please remember that eYeka is made of real people, who do care for you and who listen, so if there is anything you feel like sharing with them, just do it! Sharing is caring <3 All the best of the best, keep in touch and stay cool! Marghe PS. Per i miei cari amici connazionali forza e coraggio!! Grazie di tutto e stiamo in contatto, a presto un abbraccio.