Santa Claus = Christmas.

Do you agree? :D And Christmas won't be the same without children thinking that Santa Claus will visits them on Christmas Eve.

Children are told to behave well throughout the year so that their wishes are answered on Christmas Eve… and Santa is always there to deliver! But rarely do people wonder how the presents have been brought there!? How does Santa Claus deliver so many presents to so many people across so many cultures throughout the world? Does he have a secret recipe to be so reliable? In this contest, we want you to show that “Yes He Can!”. We want you to put stars in the eyes of children (and adults) again, by showing us how Santa distributes presents to every child in the world on Christmas Eve. From modern transportation systems to magical means of delivering presents, don’t stifle your creativity and create the visual that ALL kids in the world should see to crave for Christmas. Surprise us with beautiful, original, and funny visuals that reveal how Santa can deliver presents to all children in the World on Christmas Eve! Format: pictures, illustrations

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We have EUR 500 for one best idea.
This contest will be running until 16 December 2012. Show us your Christmas spirit! Santa Claus is cominggggg to townnnnnnn~