Antwerp Zoo is the oldest animal park in Belgium and the fifth oldest in the world. It provides a magical, intense experience to visitors. Antwerp Zoo has started an ambitious project called “Tomorrow’s Zoo”: it will renew its animal park with respect to its heritage and classified buildings. “Tomorrow’s Zoo” will tell the story of the transformation that our zoo will undergo.

Through a visual, we would like you to capture the spirit of Tomorrow’s Zoo to entice people to visit Antwerp Zoo. Format: Illustration, Photography or mixed print media  

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1 prize EUR 2,750 up to EUR 5,500
  Your visual could be part of a campaign that will be out next year where the old posters (the ones in the mood board) will be re-launched and nostalgic merchandise will be sold. :) Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. This contest will be running until 09 December 2012.