Men today have the habit of watching football online. They watch games, discuss about their favorite players and search for the football content they want, on different channels, apps and websites. Gillette Football Club is a new Youtube channel that aggregates all football content in one place and let you discover new content. Create a thrilling, engaging and original video to compel football fans to watch the Gillette Football Club channel and its amazing football content.  

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We have a fat prize for you guys: 45,000 € for the best videos: 1st Prize: EUR 20,000 2nd Prize: EUR 15,000 3rd Prize: EUR 10,000!
Please note that we are expecting highly original and engaging work that can wow the audience and give them the instant trigger to click through to the Gillette Football Club channel. And share it with friends. The winning entries will be featured on Gillette’s social media channel to entertain and inform people. Take your chance!! :-D Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. Bur’eau contest will be running until 18 December 2012.