It was running only for two weeks, yet you managed to worked things out and submitted nice entries to our Danone AQUA contest. Well done everyone! So here are the winners. Drum roll please! First Prize of EUR 3,oo0 goes to wikowilliams (Indonesia) with AQUA-02 "TEMUKAN INDONESIA-MU"
I found out about eYeka from a friend who works as a Graphic Designer as well. He introduced eYeka as a website filled with international contests and then I got interested because the contests on eYeka accept various formats of media and it is definitely very fun :D I tried to participate in some contests on eYeka that suits my capabilities. For this Danone Aqua contest, I was very interested because it was a challenge to further dig my potential and natural resources in Indonesia, which is where I live, so I really enoyed the creation process. When I received the news from eYeka that I won, I was really surprised! I really thank God for this. Hopefully this prize will be useful and will be something that can push me to further improve my skills for the next contests. When working on a media, what I do first is to think of the concept I'm going to develop. I get inspirations from my surroundings and sometimes I have to go out there to see what is happening, sometimes I get one by just being accompanied by a glass of hot chocolate and some snacks. I often work alone, but sometimes I need help from my friends to create an optimal media.  Contests on eYeka are motivations for me to be even better in thinking and problem solving because sometimes solutions come from the unexpected. Faith to God and patience are the keys to participate in eYeka's contests :)
Second Prize of EUR 750 goes to david_mathie (France) with Able to Move the World
I heard about eYeka on the Internet. I wanted to participate in creative projects, especially those about photography. I immediately liked the idea of creating communication mediums. After reading the brief of the contest, the inspiration immediately came to me. I scribbled some ideas on the paper and I started to set the project up. When I discovered that I won the second prize,  I felt some joy. To see one of my creations getting rewarded immediately gave me the push to keep on creating  other creations. I like the fact that we are able to mix several of my creations on mediums like photography, drawings or videos. I work as a coordinator, and I used to  work on photographic creations and videos with teens who often have excellent ideas. Maybe one day I would join eYeka contests with them!
Once again, thanks!
Third Prize of EUR 250 goes to jamal (Lebanon) with DANONE AQUA POSTER
It was really a "healthy participation" :) Thank you Danone.. Thank you EYEKA!  
Congratulation and thanks to all of you who have participated in this creative challenge! :D