Dear creators, We need you for a brand new challenges ! You all may know how yogurt and especially calcium can help women  keeping strong bones, particularly when they are above 40. Thus, there is a yogurt called Dalix that provides calcium and vitamin D to help women keep their bones strong. But will women notice it among all the other yogurts on display on supermarket shelves? Your challenge is to create a new type of packaging for Dalix that stands out on the shelves and communicate the idea of "Strong Women", that is women who are confident, strong willed and independent. Look at a yogurt cup or bottle. There are many ways to start your thinking: Think about how you open it or how the single cups are attached together. How would you reinvent this? Think also about the label and the shape of the cup? This is not unchangeable, what can evolve? Format: Print

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  We have up to 10,000€ for the 3 best entries, check it out:
  • #1 Prize 3,000€ up to 6,000€
  • #2 Prize 1,500€ up to 3,000€
  • #3 Prize 500€ up to 1,000€
We hope this challenge will give you the envy to imagine amazing new packaging for this yogurt! For any doubts or comments, please, use the discuss tab or send us a message by the Support tab in the left side of your screen. :)