Hello, everyone! Do you remember when we asked you to create packaging that celebrated the “Real Taste of Good Food”? Well, today we are glad to announce the winners. You really worked hard producing tasting packaging and we are so proud of your projects. Before announcing the winners, we would like to thank you a lot for your great ideas! Now, here we go… You can read the jury comments in italic and, after, some words from the winners. 1st Prize – 3,000 euros for lespetitesvertus from France with “Trade Secret” Jury says: “It has a friendly and humorous language.” Lespetitesvertus says: “I’m very happy of winning this 1st prize. Innovate with this contest brief was not simple, but I love eating so much that I had to take the chance to express it :) “ 2nd Prize – 1,500 euros for volodymyr_moskalets from Ukraine with “No words. Just taste” Jury says: “It expresses transparency and simplicity.” Volodymyr_moskalets says: "It was a very interesting contest as we were supposed to gather different products with a help of one single design concept. I hope I could emphasize the most important feature – the real taste of the food." 3rd Prize – 500 euros for oliviamj from Indonesia with “Corrale Pack” Jury says:”It proposes to manage information by pictograms.” oliviamj says:  "I joined eYeka about 2 years ago. It has been a while since my last participation, and this contest is my second win. I was still a graphic design student in university when I attempted to participate in the first contest back then, now I'm the owner of a partnership-design company where I'm taking part as the creative head. I joined the contest because I have deep passion for packaging. It's exciting to think how the packaging products you designed would be able to attract people to buy them. I enjoy it so much :D. I think eYeka is a really great place to enhance creativity while at the same time get the opportunities to be a winner and win some prize. It's so challenging because you'll compete with creative people from around the world. Thanks eYeka! Looking forward for more packaging related contest in the future ;)" Thank you all the participants for your collaboration and we hope you keep producing excellent projects! :)   PS: Due to the confidentiality of this contest, we can’t show the winner entries.