Dear creators, if you remember the “Tweens Packaging” contest? We have good news for you! We have the winners :) So we would like to thank you, for your great work and participation in this creative challenge.
First prize of 1,500 EUR goes to AnnaNThang (from the USA)
AnnaNThang hasn't shared his thoughts with us.
Second prize of 750 EUR goes to savat (from Italy)
Savat hasn't shared his thoughts with us.
Third prize of 250 EUR goes to aek_studio (from the Netherlands)
To design for teenagers is always an intimidating challenge for me and the happier I’m to get the third place. It was inspiring work which unleashed my imagination and I freely created what feels like teen design for me. I have to admit I do look forward having this exciting snack on shelf soon… I do like the challenges on eyeka and take them when I have time to exercise my "corporate" brain, I'm fine artist and my education is not in applied arts. As you can see I do have difficulty to communicate with eyeka and that is what bothers me great deal, it is shame that most of the time I do not see other entries and I do miss the client’s feedback too.
Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to you all for your participation. :)