Do you still remember our Vidal Sassoon contest awhile ago? We have finally gotten 3 creators who could be whoever they want to be when their hair was styled! Check it out: First Prize of EUR 1,300 goes to Usyaev (Russian Federation) with VS2
The idea for the video itself came almost instantly. We wanted to make an ironic video, daily reflect changing trends in fashion and style. Sometimes the race for the style is cute, sometimes it can go up to the point of absurdity. And the next day we started shooting. We called friends with the animals, and away we go! The most difficult thing was - it combined in one room a cat, a dog and a fish. Cat always went to a fish, a dog to a cat and that was infinitely :) But everything turned out very well.
Second Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to Masey (Ukraine) with The new look - the new you
A good hairstyle can become a special appeal in the person's image and can make one more self-confident. I like to experiment with my hairstyle, so when I found out about the contest I got really excited and decided to take part in it :-) Thanks  for great variety of interesting contests! 
Third Prize of EUR 500 goes to michaelcsnyder (USA) with VIDALSASSON2
I've been with Eyeka for about 6 months now, but I've only entered two contests. This contest was fun! I saw it as a chance to play with the atmosphere of the project. It allowed us to create two very different environments: the cluttered and frantic concert venue & the clear and very open environment of the student. I'd been looking for a project that would allow me some freedom to play with lighting and direction and the idea of being able to create contrasting environments sounded like fun.  We spent hours trying to find a way to steam a pane glass in front of the camera lens to give the idea that he was looking into a foggy mirror. Eventually we just coated it with febreze and through it as far out of focus as possible so it became hazy and you couldn't see the individual droplets.  I work in a team. Between the cast and crew for this project we had 11 people; 1 Director, 1 Director of Photography, 1 Gaffer, 2 Grips, 1 lead actor, 3 Extras, and 2 music composers.
Congratulation, guys! Well done! And thank you everyone for participating. It was great to see all of your creative ideas there :) p.s.: Apologize as we are unable to show the winning entries as our client would prefer to keep them unpublished for the time being. Thank you for your understanding :)