Do you remember that some time ago we asked you to Bring to life Christmas' joy of giving in Swarovski style? So, today we are very happy to announce the results! Check it out who brought the life to Christmas’ joy of giving and some comments from the winners (in italic): Animations: 1st Prize - 2,500 € for ligia_cortes (Mexico) with the animation Swarovski_Christmasbox
"This project was worked as a joint project between Diego Martinez and I. We thought in several ideas, but we evaluated the brief and we ruled out some of them because one of our main points was that Christmas is always the same. We researched about Swarovski history and its relationship with China, and we looked for creating a piece that involves the audience and customers in its creation. Open a Swarovski box it’s a surprise, and Christmas is full of them, so we got inspired by those feelings in order to create an action in which sharing it’s the principal actor. Swarovski evoke art, and global languages as music and dance allow you to reach everyone. We wanted to create a catalogue in which every product it's ligated to the feeling and emotions during Christmas season, like sharing, and you will always find sharing on Swarovski’s presents. We are very proud and happy for winning this prize!" 2nd Prize - 1,500€ for FlojoArt (Germany) with the animation The Swarovski Chimney
“Usually I am a summer person! I like more the sun, the beach and the sea. I am not so big fan from ice, snow, winter and coldness. But I love the Christmas time. It brings you always some warmness and happiness in the cold part of year. But it is from year to year more difficult to find the right gift. Special for you partner! That’s the reason why I like the Swarovski contest a lot! I was thinking, how you can make a person happy with Swarovski in a new way. I wanted do it in the old, traditional and beautiful way. Far away from the stressy and technical time. Christmas its also the time of the quietness.Thank you eyeKa, thank you Swarovski! My girlfriend will get this year for sure a gift from Swarovski! I hope she not will read the blog!” 3rd Prize - 1,000€ for clementime (Canada) with the animation Happy Holidays from Swarovski
"I enjoy that the opportunities eYeka offers as an outlet for creativity. It can be difficult to come up with an idea for a personal project on your own, so the call for entries and briefs are helpful in getting your creative juices flowing. For someone like myself who doesn't have a creative job and likes learning new media-related skills on the side, having your video selected by a big company like Swarovski is a great way to brighten your day and increase your self-confidence. With each eYeka project I create, whether it's selected as a winner or not, I feel like my skills increase and it motivates me to take more creative risks in my future work. :) " Designs:
1st Prize - 1,250 € for ericab (United Kingdom) with the design swaroski "I was born in Sweden and lived there until I was 19 years old. In the winters, when the day light hours were short and the darkness long,  I dreamt of being in bright sun light! Some years later I discovered the light therapy lamps , a lot of people need them during winter to revitalise you, to give you energy and vitamin D. I though this could be exactly what tired Christmas shoppers need, somewhere to regain energy, and get some much needed light! So I came up with the Swarovski light room. By spending a little time in this very bright room you would not only get to rest, think and write little Christmas present tags and rhymes but you would also gain a therapeutic uplift! Happy and revitalised shoppers! I'm not a graphic designer, I'm a fashion, portrait and product photographer (based in London since 2002) and being a photographer who loves conceptual ideas I was drawn to come up with an idea for Swarovski but it was a brand new territory for me. I'm very happy indeed that I participated and will for sure join in with more creative ideas.  Thank you Swarovski and thank you eYeka!! :))" 2nd Prize – 750 € for Mrno (China) with the design Crystal Santa "I find the Swarovski contest very interesting, because it's about Christmas! I think eYeka never launched similar contest like this, I really like the brief so I decided to join. My inspiration actually came from my dad! We were sharing some travel photos and he said, 'if there's some device to take photo for us travelers, that would be cool',  his words reminded me so I created a similar idea for Swarovski." 3rd Prize – 500 € for markka (United Kingdom) with the design Crystal-Snow-Globes (markka didn't share any comment with us)   That's it, everyone! Thank you so much for your participation and congratulations for all of you! We hope you'll keep co-creating with us!!! :) P.S. We should apologize as we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!