Dear creators, we very happy to announce the winners of  "Danonino" contest! We would like to thank you for your ideas and participation in this creative challenge. You've helped to bring Dino the dinosaur to life! Let's have a look on our winners and their feedback! In italics you will find some comments from the Jury.

We have selected these three winners because we think they can help us in addressing the three key challenges that we have with our mascot

- Bringing Dino’s character to life

- Finding Dino’s story linked with the holistic growth brand benefit

- Making the audience (moms and kids) fall in love.

First prize of 3,000 EUR goes to dali007 (from France)
We like the idea of having a special code between the kids and Dino. When kids need him, they using a sign to call him (as rubbing the cup). I’m a student and when I have some spare time I participate in the contests. I prefer those with illustrations and prints and I throw myself onto it armed with my pencils and scanner. This one was especially inspiring for me and I’m happy to win the prize, which isn’t my first one. This is really motivating.
Second prize of 1,500 EUR goes to daG187 (from Canada)
We like the idea that Dino is a loyal and intimate companion for kids, more than the idea of being a super hero, tutor or role model. We want to create a more "human" character with qualities but also with flaws.
I’m studying animation in cinema school in Montreal. This contest was an opportunity for me to extend my knowledge in designing characters, storytelling, and the use of camera in narration. I love the preparation phase in animation. I should get to know my character to make him coherent with his personality. I’m not an illustrator, so it was a chance for me to improve my skills in this field. Thank you eYeka team for your help and advice. I will now take advantage of the prize before my next project.
Third prize of 500 EUR goes to ranggaimmanuel (from Indonesia)

We like the idea of that Dino lives in the real world and has a dino family, which really makes him closer to the moms and kids.

I joined this contest because I inspired by the brief. When I read it, I can imagine the story in my head. The inspiration comes from my personal story. When you're a kid. A brand is not just a brand, but also can become your friend, something that close to your heart. I done this storyboard together with my super talented friend, Met Mangindaan. That make this story become visually engaged and make us won this third prize. Thanks again eYeka for everything. God Bless u all :)

Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to you all for your participation :D P.S. We should apologize as we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!