Who doesn't like ice cream please raise your hands up! :D

We all love ice cream (okay, at least all of us at eYeka:p)! It comes with varied shapes, forms, flavors and even names across the different countries in the world but has always been popular and loved by people. Your challenge is to wow us with an original and revolutionary idea about the next generation of ice cream that makes people enjoy it better and love it even more! FORMAT: Pictures, illustrations, sketches with explanations. Now isn't it a very interesting brief? Okay, before you are salivating thinking of the cool, creamy, refreshing dessert, please...

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To reward your ideas and effort, we have prepared a total prize of EUR 5,000: 1st Prize: EUR 1,500 up to EUR 3,000 2nd Prize: EUR 750 up to EUR 1,500 3rd Prize: EUR 250 up to EUR 500!
Ice Cream Next Generation contest will be running until 30 October 2012. Let's go! Wow us with your ideas! :D