Cornetto, a popular and teen favorite ice cream brand is looking for unexpected and engaging videos and print that bring to life the positive attitude of the Cornetto motto "enjoy the ride, love the ending". That's why we suggest you a challenge: surprise us with an original video or print that brings the Cornetto motto "enjoy the ride, love the ending" to life in a refreshingly unusual way, to catch teens' attention and make them want to share your entry with their friends. Format: Print, videos/animation up to 60 seconds. Click here to read the brief and participate! We have 23,500€ for the 6 best entries, check it out:
Video/Animation #1 Prize 10,000€ #2 Prize 5,000€ #3 Prize 2,500€ Design #1 Prize 3,000€ #2 Prize 2,000€ #3 Prize 1,000€
Whe hope you will participate with AMAZING video and design projects! Don't forget that this contest is open until November 20th. For any doubts or comments, please, use the discuss tab or send us a message by the Support tab in the left of your screen. :)