“Wow!” That was our expressions when we saw the entries we received for Microsoft Family contest. They are just… so heart-warming. Here's what many of you have been waiting for: the results of our Microsoft Family contest! You may remember how Microsoft loves your videos so much that they decided to create a video to thank all of the participants. Judging was very tight, indeed. Selecting 3 out of so many nice entries was definitely not an easy task to do, but Microsoft had to make their final decision, so here they are! The three winning creations of our Microsoft Family contest (Jury’s comment is written underneath each prize): *drum rolls*
1st Prize (USD 5,000): Brice_Duan (France) with Love from Paris Creative, beautifully executed, great emotional moment, good use of Microsoft technologies” 2nd Prize (USD 3,000): nicko9987 (Philippines) with Microsoft Family Time Emotional, nice story, well-edited” 3rd Prize (USD 2,000): jmerts (Singapore) with Two Brothers Great scene between brothers, creative use of a futuristic Microsoft technology”
Congratulation! Talented creators you are, heart-warming stories you have created. You may watch the winning creations below. We hope to see more of your creations on eYeka!