Have you ever noticed that even though there are so many new types of beers, beer packaging has remained pretty traditional? Do you think beer packaging deserves a more fascinating and exciting future? Can you imagine how beer packaging could impact the rituals around beer? If you do, today is your chance to invent a new beer packaging concept, for tomorrow's beer lovers! Through photos, powerPoint presentations, illustrations, 3D animations or videos, any visual medium that will allow you to express your idea in a clear way, create a totally new, innovative and original beer packaging concept! This packaging could change the way we shop for, buy, carry, store, drink and recycle beer! Think about all the different types of packaging, not only bottles or cans, but also the case, box or other packaging used to carry them. Think beyond these current layers of packaging to even the unimaginable that does not yet exist. To enter this contest, you must be 21 or above :) Also, here's a friendly reminder: please answer the following two questions in media description when upload your entry: 1. Thinking of your ideal evening out, when would you most likely use your new beer? (Pre-going out, the build up, the peak or the wind down? Or some other time?) Why then? 2. What new benefits or features does your Packaging idea bring that do not yet exist? Why is it better than what's already out there? We have 5,000 € up to win with 5 Jury’s Prizes of 1,000 € each ! Contest will end on February 1, 2012. Hurry to participate!