Jell-O really makes the world wiggle! Jell-O gelatin and pudding are North American favorites. There is a box in nearly every family’s kitchen cupboard, and ready to eat Jell-O cups go with almost every child to school. It is simple, easy to use and comes in great flavors. Today we think that Jell-O deserves new packaging that will create even more fun and joyful moments!

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There is ONE area that your creation must cover: the form and function of the packaging itself. How can it be more fun? Think about its shape, how it could open, how it could be used even when emptied, what other things could go inside?

5,000 € up to win with 5 Jury's Prizes of 1,000 € !

Please try our discuss tab if you have some questions. Contest will end on January the 30th. Don’t change the food itself.