What if your card had a screen? Well, you guys had some fantastic ideas! We are happy we can now share the winners with you, but first of all a big thank you all for your insights. Please find the jury's comments in italics.
1st Prize of 1000 € goes to brule (from France). Budget card: We have first chosen this creation because it has impressed us with two aspects: firstly the idea that a card can be used to plan the family budget, but mostly we have been impressed by the manner you used to express this concept. In fact you were not the only one proposing this idea, but you have been by far the one who has been able to express this shared need in a clear way. You have found a solution exploiting the whole range of characteristics of the card, using at the same time the screen and the keypad. It is a great job and very well executed. 2nd Prize of 1000 € goes to stephan87 (from France). Responsible card: Choosing this card we wanted to reward you for your ability to convince us. You have been able to conduct your idea keeping in mind the challenges of the market and the possibilities of the card on the market. You have performed a deep insight on both the product and the costumer's behaviour and we could see it reflected in your media. You have showed a real 'marketing spirit'. You have identified a change in the mind of the consumers and exploited it to give the DisplayCard more than just an extra feature, but also a real responsible purpose. 3rd Prize of 1000 € goes to superrockgalaxy (from France). Transport card: You have been able to find an innovative idea staying within the limits of the technical features of the card sticking to the brief. We have appreciated your ability to problematize a need of the market and your ability to convince us, especially using facts coming from real supports like Twitter to support your ideas. 4th Prize of 1000 € goes to skhuters (from United Kingdom). Warranty card: Your creation seduced us by the first two ideas it gives. The two other ideas you give were also interesting but less original, as other participants also proposed them. However you are the only one to have imagined a card that could be used as a memory for transactions, replacing warranty papers. You succeeded in detecting a need in consumer's everyday life. 5th Prize of 1000 € goes to elvus (from France). Internet Password card: Security of email exchanges and electronic transactions (payment over the internet...) is of utmost experience to our company. Consumers balance between convenience and security, fear or fraud. Hence your suggestion has been selected as the display could be a very smart way of offering both convenience and increased security for online transactions.
Congratulations for the winners and thank you very much to all for your participation!