Keep the Rhythm

For this contest, your challenge was about creating a rough of campaign (video or print) that will convince people of the importance of being at one’s own rhythm, with the help of yogurt and the impact it has on your own wellbeing and daily life: feeling truly well. Here are the Jury choices! In Italic, you can find the Jury feedback. NEW: we added as well the winners feedback! Enjoy :D 1st Prize of 1000€ goes to Stijlhard from Belgium. Good execution of belly/rhythm with possible digital roll-out.
Stijlhard: "A few months ago we discovered eYeka. It’s a great platform for us, because it's not always easy for creative people to find good commercial opportunities to work for. With eYeka we can just do that. And that's why we want to be part of your community. When we discovered the brief of the Keep The Rhythm-contest, we knew it was something we had to do. We really liked the brief and started discussing/developping ideas for the campaign. Once we had the bellybeat idea we called some friends of us and ask them if the wanted to play rhythms on their belly. After the shooting, we did the postproduction and made a presentation of the idea (which we also uploaded as a pdf). We strongly believe this concept can generate a lot of commercial possibilities (spot, website, interaction,...). Everything was done by two guys: Dimitri J. and Steven J."
2nd Prize of 1000€ goes to FuzzyToons from United Kingdom. Good execution of rhythm, message clearly transmitted.
FuzzyToons: "I enjoy creating both music and animation, therefore certain parts of this brief really excited me. I could imagine an exciting project in which the images worked in time with the music. So I turned the human body into a mini orchestra. The brain was made of cogs and this made a clicking sound. The heart was a drum which provided the main beat and the stomach was a saxophone providing the notes. From this idea I created the story of how the yogurt helps the person to keep their inner rhythm. I worked alone on this project and I combined my various skills including music as well as design and animation."
3rd Prize of 1000€ goes to MSTR from Germany. Funny and self explanatory execution.
MSTR "I like being creative, that´s why I joined eyeka. I´m a music teacher and I love to record music and play with different sounds. When I saw the brief about the "inner rhythm" I knew: This is something for me. So I came up with the idea that some people are making music together, rhythmically, and one guy who´d like to join, but has no rhythm at all. I decided to clone myself for this idea, because I work totally on my own. I´m very happy that I could be among the five winners and I´m looking forward to see the other contests."
4th Prize of 1000€ goes to giovino from Italy. Good key visual to transmit rhythm improvement.
giovino: "I like very much to create video, shorts or commercials. I'm currently working in several situations and I made a lot of calls for video. eYeka is a good dimension in which it is so easy to find an hard motivation to invent. eYeka gives to me the “fuel” to invent or reinvent through video dimension. I knew about eYeka website through an internet search: there was a lot of forums that discuss about eYeka as one of the most important video contest. So… why not try to make video for eYeka? I work with my friend Valerio D. B. We worked a lot together because we are both “visionary” and we like to create original artistic products. This is the second award for us. It would be really fantastic if some company watch our videos on eYeka and then call us in order to cooperate (we hope to work with International partners)! My video was made through stop motion technique (about 500 shots). We think that this kind of shooting make interesting all things you show: it is a funny and surreal technique. So the user (the viewer) pays attention to all details without missing the meaning of video as well as keeping the "rhythm" for the whole duration. What’s more, we give a lot of importance to music, to female voice and to real sounds (we think that mouth sounds produced when you eat the yogurt can make high the desire to bring a spoon and to enjoy your favorite yogurt)."
5th Prize of 1000€ goes to nastasi from Russian Federation Good key visual to transmit rhythm improvement.
nastasi did not share her feedback yet but it is her second time winning on eYeka.
Congrats to the winners and thank you for sharing. Congratulations to all participants as well, you all did a great job. See you soon on eYeka! We are sorry we can not show you the winning media as it is a confidential contest.