Imagine that you have a digital personal shopper: a veritable personal assistant, a tool that would help you on a day-to-day basis with your shopping needs. It would be for example something like a small digital assistant which when you want to buy laundry detergent will tell you where to buy it cheaply in your vicinity at the time. Not only will it find the shop but plot a course that will take you by your friend’s house to grab a coffee along the way. Say goodbye to the humdrum of shopping, with your personal shopper everything will be faster, more efficient, more fun! This tool could be a brand new type of digital device or a new application for an existing device that would fundamentally change the relationship between you and the shopping you do as well as the shops that you visit.

Imagine that tool in a presentation, illustration, animation or comic strip.

What would be your expectations for such a tool? What functionalities? What’s its name? How would the tool fulfill the following three key functions: save time, save money and make shopping more fun?

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5 Prizes of 1000€
Upload end time is February the 2nd.