Danone Egypt We rarely think about it, but we put our mouths through a lot everyday: from pens to lollipops, and keys to stickytape. We eat, we bite, we lick, we hold, we drink – and it’s the job of Listerine® to kill the germs that build-up in your mouth throughout the day. Through an off-beat, witty, funny, creative 30-60 second video / animation bring to life what you put your mouth through and how Listerine® takes care of it.

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You have until the 10 November to open your mouth and tell us your stories! There is a total prize fund £10,000 to win! • 1st prize: £5,000 • 2nd prize: £2,500 • 3rd prize: £1,000 • 4th prize: £500 • 5th prize: £500 • 6th prize: £500 We want to hear your voices, or better... your mouths ;) Listen to your teeth and share with us what they feel. Good luck to everyone!