Dell_Intel We realize some of you are still a little bit confused about the Dell brief and seems like there’s a big question mark in your head with questions such as “What do Dell and Intel have to do with relationships?”, “What is the purpose of this contest?”, etc. So here’s something to make it clearer for you. Dell and Intel have created a series of episodes about the relationship between Dell and consumers, which is portrayed through a girl’s experience in finding the right guy for her. And we’re going to show you the first episode right here, right now. The purpose of this contest is to create videos that will be used as sequels to this first episode. Yes, you read it right! :) To remind you once again, the brief is to create a video that shows how a girl takes a good guy for granted, only to want him back when he’s left. Some of you also asked us what does it mean by “taking for granted”. “Taking for granted” means you are not appreciating someone (or something) enough and you treat it in a careless or indifferent manner. In the context of Lizzy and Dell, Lizzy is taking Dell for granted as she doesn’t listen to him, was easily distracted when they were on a date, and she is interested in another guy - DMac. Let me give you an example to make it easier: I am in a relationship with a very nice guy who is always sweet to me, take such a good care of me, and basically just being a good boyfriend that will not cheat on me. Then one day I broke up with him because I think that he is boring and not interesting enough (because he is too good and too perfect). After we’ve broken up, I regret of doing it and I keep on asking him to come back to be with me because I miss him sooo much and I realize that he is the best for me and I couldn’t find any other guy who is as good as him. See how I took the guy for granted? ;) I hope it’s clear enough and when you are creating your entry, do not worry about the need to inserting Dell and/or Intel logo or featuring Dell computer in it. These things are not necessary. The most important thing is to create a video based on the brief (so make sure you read it thoroughly to fully understand it). Do send us an email if you need further explanation. This contest will be closed in 14 days, precisely on 5th October 2011. So click here to participate and remember, a total prize of USD 10,000 awaits three winners! :)