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The long-awaited result is here! Three creators have shown us how they can enjoy more of life with Actimel! From a cute teddy bear to an animated guy and finally a real man, these winning entries have shown us how Actimel helps them to always feel strong, positive, enthusiastic, and active. And the winning creators are....*trumpet blows..urrmm you know, like in the movies where the castle guards blow trumpets to welcome the King?* 1st Prize of EUR 8,000 goes to arthurchays (France) with Always There for You 2nd Prize of EUR 5,000 goes to nickmw (UK) with Commuting to Work 3rd Prize of EUR 3,000 goes to irwinetclarisse (France) with Never Ending Day We certainly love each and every one of them. We hope you love them too ;) Congratulation to the winners! If you did not win, do not lose hope. Do check out our homepage for more contests you can participate in. :D