This post showcases the winners from Asia and the prizes they received. The list will be updated constantly, and it's not impossible that you'll see your name on the list the next time we update it! ;)

eYeka Contest Winner

eYeka Creative Challenge (Video/Animation) chanelbox (Singapore) - Grand Prize, USD 3,000 - MTV+Me (Video/Animation) The winning works were broadcast on MTV, across Asia Pacific. gina (New Zealand) tupedatugan (Philippines/Singapore) dinoeo (China/Singapore) aindri (India) chairuddin (Indonesia) rae (Singapore) Shavien (Singapore) qhmgbd (Singapore) ylylyl (Singapore) 4upload (India) Claudya (Indonesia/Singapore) serene_123 (Singapore) ianvarisk (Philippines) marcellorv (India) hanhui (Singapore) - Indonesia Photo Challenge (Photography) gary (Indonesia) - Grand Prize, All Expense-Paid Trip to London Fashion Week - ammado Giving Circle (Video/Animation) armandquimpo (Philippines) - 3rd Place, USD 1,000 - MTV + DIAGEO (Design) mishamathur (India) - First Prize, Merchandise - F1 Grand Prix Singapore (Video/Animation) kutudaun (Indonesia) - Grand Prize, USD 3,000 - HP Learning with a Twist (Video/Animation) Nicko (Philippines) - Top Prize, USD 3,500 worth of HP Products hendrywahana02 (Indonesia) - Top Prize, USD 3,500 worth of HP Products - Acian Technologies (Photography/Design) roywwp (Singapore) - Grand Prize, USD 3,000 - Club Med (Photography) chookia (Malaysia), Grand Prize, USD 10,000 Photography Contract evangeline (China) - People's Choice Award, Club Med Vacation of Choice johnwhite (Australia) - Finalist,Trip to Bali felix (Switzerland/Singapore) - Finalist, Trip to Bali, Indonesia enosa (Singapore) - Finalist, Trip to Bali, Indonesia gary (Indonesia) - Finalist, Trip to Bali, Indonesia mamako7070 (Japan) - Finalist, Trip to Bali, Indonesia lainzdream (Korea) - Finalist, Trip to Bali, Indonesia freeyoursoul (Philippines) Finalist, Trip to Bali, Indonesia - Chanel (Video/Animation) warwick1975 (Australia) - Grand Prize, USD 5,000 - Coke Zero (Video/Animation) tuapui (Singapore), Grand Prize, SGD 10,000 + Broadcast on Primetime Television with Full Credits - Singapore Advertising Hall of Fame Awards 2009 (Video/Animation) jing (Singapore) - Most Promising New Media Creative in Asia Pacific Award 2010, USD 5,000, Trophy, Flight and Accommodation - Sennheiser Design Your Own HD 418 (Design) First Batch Winners (Each winner gets a Headphone customized with own winning design) flipztr (Philippines) stuwarto (New Zealand) shaatoopai (Singapore) lindsay84 (India) darkseed (Indonesia) cathiecat (Taiwan) ace (Philippines) toastedpencil (Philippines) Second Batch Winner (Each winner gets a Headphone customized with own winning design) diamondring (Singapore) msbrownslounge (Australia) dutyfreesins (Singapore) sheep (Singapore) roshan2009 (India) Redchili (Philippines) zannzevon (Singapore) - Standard Chartered Bank, Anti-HIVirus (Video/Animation) Neutron (Myanmar) - First Place, USD 5,000 Tagore3d (India) - Second Place, USD 3,000 - iris: Be Better (Design) TomG (Australia) - Grand Prize, USD 450 worth of adidas gears - Maurice Lacroix (Video/Animation) tupedatugan (Philippines/Singapore) - Runner-Up CHF 3,000 Maurice Lacroix Voucher - Sony My Dot Moment (Video/Animation) Top prize winners, receiving USD1,000.00 each: kresnArtistry (Indonesia) filmalot (Philippines) Additional prizes, Sony PS3 Slim: armandquimpo (Philippines) chairuddin (Indonesia) protonsanon (New Zealand) - Dielogs (Video/Animation) onemoredrop (Singapore) - Top Prize, USD 1,000 diamondring (Singapore) - Top Prize, USD 1,000 - DELL (Design/Illustration) Amirul Hasrie (Malaysia) - Jury's Choice, Laptop Customised with Winning Design + Shopping Vouchers Jonna Chen (Singapore) - Jury's Choice, Laptop Customised with Winning Design + Shopping Vouchers Sin Ong Toh (Malaysia) - People's Choice, Shopping Voucher Kelly Ong (Singapore) - People's Choice, Shopping Voucher - Reebok (Co-Innovation: Design, Illustration, Photography) lindsay84 (India), EURO 250 - eYeka Portfolio Showcase (All Media) Week One Winners kim227 (China) - Weekly Winner, RMB 2,000 flysnail76 (China) - Weekly Winner, RMB 1,500 SmallD (China) - Weekly Winner, RMB 1,500 Week Two Winners singsfish (China) - Weekly Winner, RMB 2,000 heiliufei (China) - Weekly Winner, RMB 1,500 A-sun - Weekly Winner, RMB 1,500 - Credit Card Contest (Co-Innovation: Design and insight) cik73 (Indonesia) - iPad Erin (China) - iPad jerminale (Russian Federation) - iPad - Digital Banking Contest (Co-Innovation: Design and insight) Sopp (Korea) - iPad - AIDES (Video/Animation) Picklepinch (Philippines) - Most viewed video (EUR 500 cash) - Clas Mild for Indonesia (Photography) nanganos (Indonesia) - First prize (5Days Jakarta – Hongkong – Shenzhen – Jakarta + pocket money + digital camera) txdvil (Indonesia) - Second prize (5Days Jakarta – Hongkong – Shenzhen – Jakarta + pocket money) dogils (Indonesia) - Third prize (3Days Jakarta – Sawasdee Bangkok – Jakarta + pocket money OR an iPad) 12dec (Indonesia) - Fourth prize (3Days Jakarta – Sawasdee Bangkok – Jakarta + pocket money OR an iPad) - adidas Fluid Trainer (Video/Animation) Picklepinch (Philippines) - First Prize (SGD 5,000) VisualCrow (Indonesia) - Second Prize (SGD 3,000) Fmarshal (Indonesia) - Third Prize (SGD 2,000) Runner up Prizes (vouchers of adidas Fluid Trainers): tupedatugan (Singapore) georgiusferry (Indonesia) kashman (Singapore) Nicko (Philippines) Welven (Singapore) pingmedia (Malaysia) diamondring (Singapore) avatar46 (Indonesia) ajinjoseph (Singapore) CHNG (Malaysia/Singapore) zarat (Vietnam) nicolasbosc (France/Singapore) polaris888yoko (Philippines) mykhapa (Singapore) shobz (Philippines) mfafairuz (Malaysia) kutudaun (Indonesia) AtepDell (Indonesia) dengsquare (Singapore) antongtasoli (Indonesia) Gap_Artchvit (Thailand) mulyadidesign (Indonesia) kemendan (Indonesia) GabReNats (Philippines) stramesto (Malaysia) Super_robin (Singapore) - AirAsia "Real People, Real Story" (Video/Animation) All the winners win a pair of return tickets from AirAsia or AirAsia X: Diamondring (Singapore) Zati (Malaysia) darrell1979 (Australia) iamspidermonkey (Singapore) Dajong (China) Ah Xiong (Malaysia) genocidekills (Singapore) ohmphotography (Thailand) Picklepinch (Philippines) Armand Quimpo (Philippines) allentaste (China) Bytez (Singapore) Poo (Thailand) kutudaun (Indonesia) Armand Pranoto (Indonesia) Afidqeen (Malaysia) Keios (Philippines) Cicugci (Malasia) Hieu Mckenzie (Vietnam) Mustikata (Malaysia) Izal (Indonesia) Garygeorgec (Philippines) Lobster12020 (Singapore) LockyC (Thailand) Qmaya (China) cdtavijit (Malaysia) Red Chili (Philippines) wch65 (Malaysia) - Lien Foundation "Happy Coffin" (Design) ianlim85 (Singapore) – Second Prize, USD 2,000 Runner-up Prize Winners (Each of them win USD 500) : designbyjacob (Singapore) dogpounddesign (Indonesia) doenkerz (Indonesia) – ANKH flysnail76 (China) – I am a happy monster romzooyeah (Australia) – The last feed quansomuch (Thailand) - Say hello to my wonderland - Gillette (Co-Innovation: Design and Insights) Each winner receive SGD 500: ebuzzzer (Singapore) Agdithya_Santoso (Indonesia) knockturnz (Indonesia) Oliph (Indonesia) sixtysixbe (Thailand) e-sign (Indonesia) jorel (Philippines) sohjunrong (Singapore) kutudaun (Indonesia) ladydeath (Singapore) - GfK (Insights and Concept) nathan09 (Philippines) - Second Prize, 300 EURO ajinjoseph (Singapore) - Runner-up Prize, 75 EURO petal_arankal (Indonesia) - Runner-up Prize, 75 EURO mykhapa (Singapore) -Runner-up Prize, 75 EURO chairuddin (Indonesia) - Runner-up Prize, 75 EURO - Levi's (Video) Shobz (Philippines) - Runner-up Prize, SGD 500 - Kempinski (Video/Animation/Photography) kwaiet (Taiwan) - Special Prize (5-night stay at Kempinski Hotels & Resorts) noyessyy (China) - Special Prize (5-night stay at Kempinski Hotels & Resorts) Jericho (Singapore) - Special Prize (5-night stay at Kempinski Hotels & Resorts) - Home Loan (Insight) Tessamodouw (Indonesia) - First Prize (Apple iPad 16GB) Cat_z (China) - Second Prize (USD 500 cash) sherlygunawan (Indonesia) - Third Prize (USD 300 cash) - Re-Invent Computing Around Your Passions (Insights) cheeann (China) - SGD 1,000 cash shobz (Philippines) - SGD 1,000 cash weix2 (Singapore) - SGD 1,000 cash chintami (Indonesia) - SGD 1,000 cash - RAYMOND WEIL 'By You' (Video/Animation) Hameed (India) - Runner Up Winner of Best Music Category (Raymond Weil Watch - Shine 1500 ST 00785) - National Heritage Board 'Magical Museums' allentaste (China) - First Prize (SGD 2,000 cash) day (Hong Kong) - First Runner-Up (Apple iPad) erin (China) - Second Runner-Up (Apple iPad) CHNG (Singapore) - Consolation Prize (3-Day Family Museum Pass) sang (Singapore) - Consolation Prize (3-Day Family Museum Pass) alu820410 (China) - Consolation Prize (3-Day Family Museum Pass) lomoxw (China) - Consolation Prize (3-Day Family Museum Pass) Desalioso (Indonesia) - Consolation Prize (3-Day Family Museum Pass) - Maurice Lacroix 'Never Stop Moving' (Video/Animation) byixin (Singapore) - Fourth Prize (CHF 1,000 cash) - Microsoft Education (Video) nrravik (India) - Second Prize (USD 2,000 cash) garygeorgec (Philippines) - Third Prize (USD 1,000) - Next Generation of Smartphones (Insights) iwi (Hong Kong) - Fifth Prize (USD 100 cash) oldin (Philippines) - Sixth Prize (USD 100 cash) shobz (Philippines) - Seventh Prize (USD 100 cash) - Give Us a Name for a New Drink (Insights) syravi (India) - CEO's Pick (USD 500 cash) push203 (India) - CEO's Pick (USD 500 cash) arorarishabh (India) - CEO's Pick (USD 500 cash) nirzar (India) - 2 x CEO's Pick (USD 1,000 cash - He won two awards) - Create a TVC for a New Drink (Insights) neonNinja (India) - CEO's Pick (USD 1,000 cash) and Most Voted (USD 150 cash) eleven_elements (India) - CEO's Pick (USD 1,000 cash) and Most Voted (USD 150 cash) itsme9001 (India) - Early Bird Prize (USD 1,000 cash) Niteesh (India) - Most Voted (USD 150 cash) prashantmachhar (India) - Most Voted (USD 150 cash) - RAYMOND WEIL New Music Talent (Music) Samora20 (New Zealand) - Jury's Pick (USD 5,000 cash + RAYMOND WEIL Tradition 9577 STC 00650 ) - Microsoft Teacher phase 2 (Video) Sephteox (Philippines) - 3rd Prize (USD 1,000) Tagore3d (India) - 8th Prize (USD 500) annethy (China) - 9th Prize (USD 500) aforapple (China) - 10th Prize (USD 500) - Peugeot 'Motion and Emotion' (Video/Design/Photo) garygeorgec (Philippines) - 1st Prize of Most Voted Video (GBP 500) - Coca-Cola 'Energizing Refreshment' (Video/Animation/Design/Illustration) protonsanon (New Zealand) - Best Video/Animation (USD 30,000 cash) garychan (Hong Kong) - Best Photography (USD 15,000 cash) - Coca-Cola Can Design (Design/Illustration) - Malaysia only CFE AllenThai1987 (Malaysia) - 2 x Jury's Prize (MYR 4,000 cash) Zhumei (Malaysia) - Jury's Prize (MYR 2,000) BukhariMohammad (Malaysia) - Jury's Prize (MYR 2,000) - Tell us who you are! (Self-introduction video) kangfu8 (China) - Favorite #4 (eYeka exclusive thumb drive) - Be the Next Creative Director of SMU (Animation/Design/Illustration) ech5 (Indonesia) - 1st Prize Animation Category (SGD 5,000 cash) Armand_Pranoto (Indonesia) - 2nd Prize Animation Category (SGD 3,000 cash) humiko (China) - 1st Prize Design/Illustration Category (SGD 1,500 cash) sang (Singapore) - 2nd Prize Design/Illustration Category (SGD 750 cash) wahjoehidajat (Indonesia) - 3rd Prize Design/Illustration Category (SGD 500 cash) - Male Beauty (Insights - Video/Animation) amankerstudio (Indonesia) - Winner of Mr. A Category (USD 2,500) Hieu_McKenzie (Vietnam) - Winner of Mr. B Category (USD 2,500) Nicko (Phillipines) - Winner of Mr. C Category (USD 2,500) allentaste (China) - Winner of Mr. D Category (USD 2,500) - La Maquinista (Design) weeleongyam (Singapore) - Fifth Prize (EUR 100) - The Energy Revolution (Insights) gold168 (Indonesia) - 10th Prize (GBP 200) 432 (Indonesia) - 17th Prize (GBP 100) garygeorgec (Philippines) - 22nd Prize (GBP 100) mifengwowo (China) - 26th Prize (GBP 100) saggi7 (India) - 34th Prize (GBP 100) sixtysixbe (Thailand) - 35th Prize (GBP 100) SmokelessBoat (New Zealand) - 36th Prize (GBP 100) TimArmstrong (New Zealand) - 38th Prize (GBP 100) weecent (Malaysia) - 39th Prize (GBP 100) weeleongyeam (Singapore) - 40th Prize (GBP 100) - Naandi (Names) me_http (Singapore) - First Prize (USD 1,000) syravi (India) - Second Prize (USD 500) - The Best Baby Milk (Insights) Mrno (China) - Second Prize (USD 1,500) kghxz (China) - Third Prize (USD 500) - Home and Outdoor Exercise (Insights) syravi (India) -  Third Prize (USD 100) imbapilipinas (Philippines) - Fourth Prize (USD 100) push203 (India) - Seventh Prize (USD 100) - Me & My MILO (Video/Animation) Lisa_Tan (Singapore) - First Prize (SGD 9,000 + Broadcast of work on TV, Cinema ad, and digital medias) weecent (Malaysia) - Runner-Up (SGD 1,000) genocidekills (Singapore) - Runner-Up (SGD 1,000) lekeho (Malaysia) - Runner-Up (SGD 1,000) - Tourism Australia (Video/Animation) Cat_z (China) - Grand Prize (Travel voucher to Australia worth SGD 10,000) Runner-Ups (Apple iPad 2 WiFi + 3G 16GB each): apple33 (China) bhumai (Thailand) dody_p (Indonesia) hxn (China) ifelicia25 (Taiwan) - Hyundai Veloster (Video/Animation/Design/Illustration) VisualCrow (Singapore) - Grand Prize of Video/Animation Category (1 New Hyundai Veloster 2011) Rinku (India) - First Prize of Design/Illustration Category (USD 2,000) lindingxiang (Singapore) - Second Prize of Design/Illustration Category (USD 1,000) 814972095 (China) - Fifth Prize of Design/Illustration Category (USD 500) - Lenovo 'The Doer Story' (Video/Animation) madhan (India) - Fifth Prize (USD 500 + 1 Lenovo IdeaPad tablet) - Lifebuoy 'Kill 99.9% Germs in 10 Seconds' danjrs (Singapore) - Second Prize (USD 3,000) adityabagadia (India) - Third Prize (USD 2,000) - Digital Scent (Insights) maria12653 (Philippines) - 6th Prize (USD 500) shobz (Philippines) - 12th Prize (USD 500) chintami (Indonesia) - 13th Prize (USD 500) alz19 (India) - 14th Prize (USD 500) itsme9001 (India) - 22nd Prize (USD 200) syravi (India) - 24th Prize (USD 200) - How Would You Communicate the Energy Revolution? (Insights) artjective (Philippines) - GBP 50 x 4 garygeorgec (Philippines) - GBP 50 gold168 (Indonesia) - GBP 50 itsme9001 (India) - GBP 50 sopp (South Korea) - GBP 50 Tagore3D (India) - GBP 50 alz19 (India) - GBP 50 x 2 Divina_Joshi (Philippines) - GBP 50 hana_teresha (Indonesia) - GBP 50 imbapilipinas (Philippines) - GBP 50 mfafairuz (Malaysia) - GBP 50 saggi07 (India) - GBP 50 vikas_joshi (India) - GBP 50 will24 (Philippines) - GBP 50 - Skin Care Shopping Experience (Insights) imbapilipinas (Philippines) - 3rd Prize (USD 600) ThaddeusSeah (Singapore) - 4th Prize (USD 600) shobz (Philippines) - 11th Prize (USD 300) and 16th Prize (USD 150) mfafairuz (Malaysia) - 15th Prize (USD 150) ling172002 (Singapore) - 21st Prize (USD 150) chintami (Indonesia) - 22nd Prize (USD 150) - Go to to check out the competitions we have at the moment. To sign up, CLICK HERE!