Danone Egypt Yoghurt is a truly magical food. Why? Because it is a combination of all the calcium found in milk, vitamins, protein, and friendly bacteria, which is essential for healthy strong bodies. Danone understands this and so they came up with plain set spoonable yoghurt so customers may have a simple, enjoyable, and easy way to enjoy all the goodness of yoghurt anytime of the day, all year round. Did you know that while yoghurt is enjoyed all around the world, Egyptians are among those who eat the less yoghurt compared to other nations? Although yoghurt is perceived as being healthy in Egyptian consumers' minds, it is mostly eaten during the month of Ramadan. Now we would need your help to create a 30 seconds TV ad (no more, no less) to convince Egyptian families (especially the adults in the family) to enjoy Danone plain yoghurt all year round. Your TV ad must be an emotionally engaging and humorous story that will catch Egyptian families’ interest and make them realize that plain yoghurt is tasty, healthy, and fun to eat all year long. The TV ad can be in the form of video or animation. And here’s what we have in store for you: 1st Prize: USD 5,000 2nd Prize: USD 3,000 3rd Prize: USD 2,000 Oh, and also do remember to read the brief and important guidelines thoroughly before you start creating your entry. There are a few points that need to be taken into consideration :) When you are ready, click here to view the brief and to participate! Submission deadline would be on 26 October 2011. So grab that spoon and dig in to that tub of yoghurt (maybe it will give you some inspiration? :p)!