Communicate the Energy Revolution The Energy Revolution has arrived! Or is about to arrive like a hurricane and sweep you out of your chair and open your eyes to smart energy consumption! Why like a hurricane? Because your ideas for a campaign to introduce SMART are that good! Our jury was so content with the creations and brilliant ideas. It took some time to wonder aren't those real professionals working on a gig? Believe it or not ideas were super good, still in doubt? Check them yourself below!
Prize 1 to 7, total £3,800: markka Following prizes of £50: artjective (x4), daflleje (x2), gerygeorgec, gold168, markka (x7), yegof, harringman (x3), itsme9001, sopp, Tagore3D, alz19 (x2), biglew23, Divina_Joshi, hana_teresha, imbapilipinas, mfafairuz, saggi07, simonwragg1987 (x4), vikas_joshi, Will24
Thank you all for your great participation. We at eYeka are happy to have such talented creators!
See you soon for a new contest!