Our creator of the month is Rio Matthew a.k.a VisualCrow. This Motion Graphic artist is not a newbie in eYeka. He has been with us for 2.5 years as of now and has created lots of inspiring and awesome creations! Let us know more about him ;)


Hello! Would you like to tell us more about yourself? Hello! My name is Rio Matthew and I’m a Motion Graphic artist from Jakarta, Indonesia, and I’m currently working in Singapore. I like any forms of arts, mostly painting, sculpture, and movies.  I found inspirations in everyday life. From nature to technology, there is always something interesting that you can make into art. We know it’s been awhile, but congratulation once again for winning the Second Prize of adidas contest! What was it that made you want to participate in it? Thanks! When I saw the product, I thought there were a lot of elements to play with and the brief itself really pushed to me to try new stuffs. So I played around with some ideas and experiments. I was really having a great time creating the entry for this competition. You have done such a great job for your TAG Heuer and Hyundai entries as well! What are the inspirations behind them? Both competitions are very exciting. The inspiration for Hyundai came from the idea of a birthday present.  Before you open it, you tried to shake it or weigh it to guess what is inside, but sometimes the content is better than what you have expected when you finally unwrapped it. Just like Veloster, a car with a lot of features. For TAG Heuer, after I saw the brief and the watch, I was thinking how something perfect is created. And I use “birth” as an example. So the whole video is about the process of reproduction in a techno-surreal-abstract kinda way. I probably went a bit too far on this one. Haha... What are the things you like about eYeka, and what are the things that you think could be improved on or added in the future? I like eYeka as a medium for creativity. The brands and the briefs really challenge me to push my limit in design and it allows me to experience new stuffs as well. And I am really proud to be in the community of such fine artists.  For the future, perhaps the social functions can be improved. So probably we could share some information or tricks among the creators to polish our works and make them even better. Any advise to your fellow aspiring creators? Have fun when you are doing your project. The competitions are a very good way to improve yourself. So don’t let the prizes scare you or excite you too much. Just do your best, enjoy it and the awards will follow soon after. --------------------------------------------- Thanks for sharing with us, Rio! We will definitely take note about your suggestion. Stay creative and we look forward for more creations from you in our next contests :) You can check out more of his works on his profile page.