Mini Oreo
Introducing Mini Oreo… And showing why it is great! You just created the Mini Oreo biscuits and now you are preparing to launch this breakthrough product. As the creator of the product, you have an idea of the people you created it for, and why you would buy it - so we would like you to make your own print ad for the launch of Mini Oreo. Think about the product’s personality, its tone of voice, its benefits, its role in peoples’lives. Show us why it is so special, so unique and keep in mind that your ad is supposed to make your target audience desire Mini Oreo biscuits.
Click here to enter the Mini Oreo contest Upload end time: September 21st, 2011.
Here are the different prizes to be won. £5,000 are waiting for the winners! 1st Prize: £3,000 2nd Prize: £1,000 3rd Prize: £500 4th Prize: £500 Feel free to contact us if you have any question. Good luck everyone! :)