Pond's Institute_1000x250_R3

Hello everyone, We understand how some of you are very eager in participating in Pond’s contest, however you mentioned that you won’t be able to make it before the deadline due to the busy schedule you are having. Based on this, it has been decided that POND’S INSTITUTE contest will be extended until 8th September 2011. This means more time for you to come up with an idea that will amuse us, as usual ;) And just to remind you, we have USD 10,000 up for grab! So what are you waiting for? Click here to read the complete brief and make us go in awe watching your creations in bringing the Pond’s Institute stories to life in an interesting and appealing way! If you have any question or need advices, we’re just an email away! So don’t hesitate to contact us at community.asia@eyeka.com :)