Congratulations to you all! We have 7 prizes to go around. Thank you all for the great entries. The ones below are the most cherished by the Jury! We were so happy by the innovation that you've had. Thank you for your input.
Note: The italics are what the Jury thought about the media.

  • 1st prize of $1,500 USD goes to OhYourGod01 and their creation "Future exercise lives with augmented reality"
    This one shows some interesting capabilities slightly outside of what is currently available, if we were to use this, we’d ask him to note things a little more clearly – i.e. the fact that he’s “running” against his friend who is in her living room – work-out and compete with people who live far away.
  • 2nd prize of $500 USD goes to artelledesign and their creation "Bicycle Bar"
    While the creative on this one isn’t perfect, we think whoever did this came up with a really interesting and funny way to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. It’s great on all accounts combining exercise, environmentalism and drinks all under the same bracket! At the very least, this gets major bonus points for humor.
  • 3rd prize of $100 USD goes to syravi and their creation "Green Gym ver3"
    Your rich illustration of how energy produced in gyms could be stored and used pleased us, and we'd love to see it happen in the future. It seems to be such an obvious idea, but we're still waiting for it…
  • 4th prize of $100 USD goes to imbapilipinas and their creation "Augmented reality game exercise (ARGE)"
    Your augmented reality training mirror combines total freedom of movement with interactivity, which we found very cool. We particularly liked the "combat mode" on which you fight against a virtual ennemy, great idea.
  • 5th prize of $100 USD goes to bwbarr and their creation "The workout office chair"
    We've had quite a lot of workout office furniture, but your idea was justified by the lack of space that some people have, especially in big cities.
  • 6th prize of $100 USD goes to limonade and their creation "Smart hula hoopope"
    We like the idea of improving an existing device, and it proves that you don't necessarily need something different to innovate: just add measuring functions to transform a traditional object into a smart training device.
  • 7th prize of $100 USD goes to push203 and their creation "Working out vans for the working out people"
    The idea of a workout outlet that comes to people is very interesting, it could be useful in rural areas for example. Exercising is more important than owning exercise devices… and your idea brings this possibility to the people. Great!

Once more, thank you all for your amazing creations! We hope that we brought some extra joy to your beautiful day!

See you at eYeka!