Energy Revolution

Hi there! From april to June, we organized an amazing contest around the theme of the Energy Revolution. Today is a wonderful day: after several weeks waiting for the results, we are ready to announce the 40 winners awarded by the Jury. Energy, you're going to need some to read this long list without falling asleep!
1st prize of £3000: "Human Energy" by arthurchays 2nd prize of £1500: "Bill in 3 months" by skhuters 3rd prize of £1000: "smart" by goldfinch 4th prize of £500: "Smart#1" by flashgordon 5th prize of £500: "Listen for a legend2" by daflleje 6th prize of £500: "Energy Rabbit" by skhuters 7th prize of £200: "Energy Bill vs Smart Meter" by rikpenguin 8th prize of £200: "Smart" by MSTR 9th prize of £200: "The Smart Way" by simwarren 10th prize of £200: "D'evolution - Smart energy revolution" by gold168 11th prize of £100: "Convert it!" by Andrey_Kovalov 12th prize of £100: "Energy Revolution" by daflleje 13th prize of £100: "Imagine" by Eduino 14th prize of £100: "smart energy revolution" by resad 15th prize of £100: "Energy Revolution - Daniel Hammersley" by tiggyham 16th prize of £100: "SMART!" by TheRealMcKoy 17th prize of £100: "griya pintar" by 432 18th prize of £100: "energy spot" by boldizo 19th prize of £100: "S.M.A.R.T Energy" by Daniel_Davies 20th prize of £100: "Smart#2" by flashgordon 21th prize of £100: "Smart ad with narration" by fullondesign 22th prize of £100: "Smart in control" by garygeorgec 23th prize of £100: "SMART Energy" by gerserg 24th prize of £100: "SMART 4 smart" by HmHm 25th prize of £100: "Energy_01" by kpoo 26th prize of £100: "SMART" by mifengwowo 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th prize of £100: mimosacreations 31st and 32nd prize of £100: osambula 33rd prize of £100: "Teaser P energy_1" by piegrande 34th prize of £100: "when are you getting smart" by saggi7 35th prize of £100: "The Energy Revolution" by sixtysixbe 36th prize of £100: "smart" by Smokelessboat 37th prize of £100: "Smart Revolution" by tbetscher 38th prize of £100: "Get Smart" by TimArmstrong 39th prize of £100: "Live SMART" by weecent 40th prize of £100: "Use SMART(fully)" by weeleongyeam
Are you still alive? This is a very long winners annoucement, isn't it? We really want to congratulate all the creators that won an award, and to thanks all the entrants! :)