It's summer time! And to refresh your ideas, we decided to launch a new video and photo contest with Speedo. :) From remembering the feeling of taking a baby to the pool for the first time, to an engagement proposal off the Mediterranean cost after a playful wade in an infinity pool with a loved one or a contemplative solo swim across the village river where one just returned, twenty years after leaving as a child… we all have our own, personal and unforgettable swimming memories. Ideally through short videos/animations (or photographs/illustrations) tell us about your most memorable swim. What did you do? Where did it take place? How did you feel? What were the consequences in your life or in your mood? And finally, what made your swim unforgettable to you? Show us how personal and inspiring this experience was and why you will always remember it.
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Prizes for the video entries 1st Prize: £3,000
 2nd Prize: £2,000 3rd Prize: £1,000 and 4 Prizes of £500 each Prizes for the photo entries 1st Prize: £1,000
 and 2 Prizes of £500 each People's Choice Most voted video on Facebook: £2,000 Vote on Speedo Facebook's page!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Be creative! ;)