Hello everyone! ^^

Lux has decided to extend the contest just for your guys. Cos we’ve received comments from some of you, saying that there was not enough time for you to create an entry due to the busy schedule, etc., when you actually would very much like to participate.

Therefore, it has been decided that the contest will be extended for one more week! It means more time for you to create your entries! :D
If you are participating, do remember these few points below:

  1. You do not need to feature an artist/talent as the “true beauty” in your video. If you are featuring one, please make sure that her face is not shown, because the main point of the video is the revealing of the “true beauty” at the end of the video. The “true beauty” will be the photo of the Facebook user who will be using a Facebook application to upload her photo to the end frame when the “true beauty” is revealed.

  2. Your entry has to be able to build excitement and anticipation leading to the big reveal of the “true beauty”.

  3. With regards to the reference video we are showing on the contest page, please note that it is just to show you how it builds anticipation to the viewers. As for the tone and manners of your entry, please make sure that it is elegant, glamorous and sophisticated.

  4. Don’t forget to spare some space on the last frame that will be used to insert the picture of the “true beauty” later on. You can find out more on the “Guidelines” in the brief.

Let us give you an example: Imagine the world’s most famous artist is going to finally release his masterpiece to the world. Everyone from all around the world gathers at the gallery just to catch a glimpse of this masterpiece. Imagine the anticipation, the enthusiasm of the audience, waiting for the reveal of the masterpiece.

Finally, the moment has come. The great artist is going to reveal his masterpiece. The audience simply holds their breath while the red suede fabric covering the painting drops on the floor.
The masterpiece is revealed. It shows a true beauty.

Now that is the kind of atmosphere we would like to see in your video: anticipation and excitement that leads to the big reveal of the “true beauty”. It has to be elegant and sophisticated. Imagine yourself as one of the audience there, and maybe it will make it easier for you to come up with an idea. ;)
But, please do not use this story right away, because it was meant to give you an idea on how the feeling of excitement and anticipation should be in your entry. :)
And here’s another example from one of our creators. Take a look:

So guys, let’s grab your gears now and unleash your creativity. Create the trend, break the rules, don’t be a follower, and show us the excitement leading to the big reveal of a true beauty!

Click here to participate! Remember, 25th August 2011 is the new deadline ;)