Hi guys,
ANEW contest is ending in 2 weeks time, so here’s some tips for you: when you are working on the entries for ANEW, do remember that each of your ad must be able to show the key selling points (the information on these can be found under 'Appendix') of each product range and the targeted age group as well.

For example: Reversalist is targeted to women in their forties who want to reverse the signs of ageing, and try to turn back the proverbial clock. These products target wrinkles, firmness and discoloration with a technology called “Actvinol” (these are the key selling points). So, in your entry, you need to show what are the key selling points or benefits of this Reversalist range, and who would need it (women in their 40s).

These 2 points are very important because if you did not show it clearly, then it will be difficult for us and for ANEW to review your entries because we will not know which ad is for which age group. Don't you think so? ;)

Remember, we are looking for beauty ads that stand out from other beauty ads you've ever seen. So show us your talent!
Looking forward to see your creations, guys! ;)