Maquinista Hey guys, you'll be glad to know that we are ready to announce the Maquinista call for entries winners! This regional mall charged you to redesign the top floor called "El Oasis". They wanted to create a unique catering and entertaining experience. We received a lot of amazing medias, and the Jury struggled to pic the best creations.
1st Prize of 1 000 euros: adrienlv with "La Maquinista" Image very linked to what we were waiting for, the design is very elegant and the combination of restaurants very international. It is just what we are looking for. 2nd Prize of 500 euros: luismy3d with "Oasis" The concept of our Oasis fits very well with this design. The design also is very elegant and the combination of terraces and spaces really fits with what we were expecting. It might be perfectly what we are going to develop. 3rd Prize of 250 euros: pasJR with "Sensation" We have been charmed with the design "Sensational" and the ideas that it brings to us. Ideas of "senses" and technology that we will be able to apply in our malls. The author understood perfectly the feeling that we want to provide to our client. 4th prize of 150 euros: lacullinane with "La Maquinista - El Oasis moderna" We have liked very much the adjustment of the design to the Maquinista's 3rd floor. We believe that he/she has been working hard on it. He/she worked on our project making us see how the design may render in 3D. 5th prize of 100 euros: weeleongyeam with "La Maquinista - El Oasis moderna" We have liked the design in the "vertical way" and the combination of terraces with watered and lighted spaces. Very interesting ideas for our Oasis.
Congratulations to all these winners. We hope you enjoyed this original call for entries. See you soon on eYeka!