Jay is 28 years old, lives in a big city, and spends time with his friends. When they go out they may start with a beer or cider, then they will look for a more special, experience-based drink like a cocktail, spirit, mixed drink, or Prosecco... Through text, photos, powerpoint presentations, collages, or videos, invent a new beer or a new cider drink that Jay would want to recommend to his friends at that special moment. Consider the drink itself, what's inside, its packaging and/or serving system, its name, and if it works with your idea, some clever ways to make the experience more social or more unique. There's a total of 10 000 € to win! • 1st Prize: 3 000 € • 2nd Prize: 1 500 € • 3rd Prize: 1 000 € • 2 Prizes of 750 € each • 10 Prizes 300 € each The most innovative, creative and relevant ideas will be awarded. Click here to check out the full brief. You have until August 16th, so hurry up and good luck!