Don’t you think the beauty ads in the market currently are all the same? With a glamorous model, the product by the side, promising wonders... If only someone could inject some fresh creative thinking into the industry, that would certainly be great!

Now are you dare to take up our challenge to create beauty ads that is different from the typical ones you see in the market?

Imagine that you are the hottest creative director in town, with an attitude. You want to change the way beauty ads are done and you want to convince Anew, your agency’s biggest client to create ads that stand out from the competition and really excite people.

To prove your point, you need to create a series of 4 magazine ads, each promoting one different anti-ageing product line from Anew, a brand under one of the biggest cosmetic manufacturers, Avon. Of course, the ads have to be unique, creative, and different ;)

We have exciting prizes waiting for you:

1st Prize: USD 3,000*
2nd Prize: USD 1,500
3rd Prize: USD 750

* Note: The 1st Prize winner will be paid additional USD 2,000 to do retouching of the work.

Submission dateline is 30 August 2011. Show us who is the hottest Creative Director now! ;)

Click here to check out the brief!

p.s.: Don't forget to read the brief and guidelines thoroughly before you start working on your entries :)