When a woman feels admired and desired, she truly feels like the queen she can be. And with Lux beautifully fragranced soaps and shower gels, any woman can feel this way, letting her beauty enchant those around her.

Lux is creating an online application that will allow Facebook users to submit a photo, which will be tagged to the end frame of a video. Users can then reveal the photo to their friends by sharing the video on Facebook.

Your challenge is to create this video that show the anticipation leading to the revelation of the user’s picture. Create a teaser that will build excitement and anticipation, leading to the big reveal of this woman’s beauty to the audience. Aim for an aspirational moment. Be original, sophisticated and please avoid red carpet movie clichés with paparazzi and all.

The winning video might get a chance to be broadcasted globally during an international beauty event, so your video must be sleek and polished.

Aside from that, we have also prepared cash prizes for two best entries:

1st Prize: USD 7,000 2nd Prize: USD 3,000 Click here to check out the brief AND remember to read the brief and guidelines thoroughly to make sure you fully understand it.

Lux call for entries will be closed on 17 August 2011.
Please Break the Rules, Create the Trend, Don’t be a follower and show us the excitement leading to the big reveal of a true beauty. ;)