Bavarian Motor Works, or commonly called as BMW, is no stranger in the automotive industry. No other automobile manufacturer has consistently striven for greater efficiency for as long as BMW. BMW Efficient Dynamics is the world’s most comprehensive technology package for the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions while simultaneously increasing driving pleasure.

Today, we would like to call all BMW aficionados, animation artists, and film-makers to show us your creative interpretation on how “Efficient Dynamics” can make the world a better place, through a 15 to 30 seconds animation or video.

We are not looking for an ad, so do not create an ad for BMW. Instead, think about what “Efficient Dynamics” means for people, and don’t focus on the technology.

We have prepared USD 10,000 for three best entries:

1st Prize: USD 5,000 2nd Prize: USD 3,000 3rd Prize: USD 2,000

Submission deadline is 29 August 2011. So, start your engine! :D
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