Today we have unleashed the winners of our Lacoste contest! Needless to say, we at eYeka have never seen the emblematic croc look more alive and funnier than in your creations! Great job you all!

Below is what Lacoste's very own CEO Michel Lacoste, son of René Lacoste said about your media:
"Lacoste thanks all participants for their contributions and congratulates the winners on their unique and impressive creations."

Amazing! Amazing media deserves amazing prizes! But before,

Need a quick reminder of the brief?

Congratulations to you all! The Lacoste croc had those prizes for you!

1st prize of 5,000 € goes to memo 2nd prize of 2, 000 € goes to BuzzExit 3rd prize of 1,000 € goes to fb2 4th prize of 500 € goes to dvaggression 5th prize of 500 € goes to kotek 6th prize of 250 € goes to big_ben 7th prize of 250 € goes to MaRoTo 8th prize of 250 € goes to LimaGiraphe 9th prize of 250 € goes to Usyaev
Sorry, you are unable to check out the media -the Client wants to keep those amazing creations confidential.

Congratulations once more! Do not spend it all at once. :) More amazing contests with more amazing prizes at eYeka. See you there!