Tell us...
Guess what? All the creations submitted in the "Tell us who you are" call for entries were amazing! Honestly, it was very touching to see your involvement and to track your steps in the eYeka community. As usual, it was difficult to determine the most winning media. Fortunately, as promised, all the contestants will recieve an eYeka customised USB key!
Jury's Prize (customised iPod Nano & USB key) - "Presenting luiscardoso9" by luiscardoso9 Definitely the best video of all! Not only do you speak about eYeka and the different contests you participated in, but you also show that everyone can win on eYeka and learn to do great creations. Favourite #1 (customised USB key) - "Kryspin on eyeka" by Kryspin THE MOST AUTHENTIC ONE: You were one of the first creators to upload your video. Your authenticity moved us and the community also liked it (including the winner), so keep on participating and your efforts will be rewarded! Favourite #2 (customised USB key) - "NOUS_FINAL" by yesyesprod THE FUNNIEST ONE: Both of you were hilarious, you seem to be a good team and have lots of fun creating on eYeka. Favourite #3 (customised USB key) - "moi, jason gallego, en large et en travers ..." by Jasongallego THE MOST PROMISING ONE: You sent us your video 24h after registering on eYeka and comments show how warm the community welcomes you. Your video is a little bit long, but it's a delight to watch… keep it up ! Favourite #4 (customised USB key) - "kangfu8" by kangfu8 THE MOST POETIC: Your video is positive and authentic, and you're even playing with eYeka's logo… but what's even nicer is the way you make the weather go crazy in the classroom. Have fun on eYeka, and bring your friends !
Last but not least, we would like to share with you a video that we created with some of your testimonials. This compilation is a nice way to highlight the diversity of the eYeka community and the various backgrounds of its members. We hope you will enjoy it!