Yeah! We’ve launched a new feature, just for you! Often wonder on how can you send us feedback? Maybe you have some suggestions ot complaints that you would like to share with us? Yes, we realized that some of you did send emails or shoutbox messages to regarding this, and now, to improve your experience and make it easier for you, we have added a Support feature on eYeka! This will also allow you to suggest any good ideas and improve the next eYeka experience!
You may notice that when you log on to eYeka, now you see this Support icon active left on your screen:


Yes, that is the one! You can click on it and there will be a pop up window where you can type in and send directly to us. There is also a Knowledge Basecontaining the answers of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) often asked. Suggestions will appear as soon as you enter keywords in the contact form. As time passes this knowledge base will grow with new content and articles. In addition to sending messages to the feedback team, we offer you the opportunity to Share Ideas in order to improve your eYeka experience and the next version of our platform! Each idea suggested by one of you can be highlighted thanks to votes. Be sure that we will strive to meet your expectations.


With the new Support feature, we hope it will be easier for you to let us know what you would like to see on eYeka, and what can be improved. We love to hear from you, so write to us!