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We know you have been curious about this. So here it is! After much consideration from the jury, the winners of Be the Next Creative Director of SMU have been selected! The winning entries were selected from both the first and second phase of SMU call for entries. The animation and designs we’ve received were so good! Selecting the best ones was hard, but finally, we have got six entries that will be awarded! Let’s put our hands together for..... Animation Category First Prize (SGD 5,000): ech5 (Indonesia) with Why Choose SMU? Second Prize (SGD 3,000): Armand_Pranoto (Indonesia) with Touch Third Prize (SGD 2,000): fb2 (Brazil) with SMU – The Different U Design/Illustration Category First Prize (SGD 1,500): humiko (China) with Discover a Different U Second Prize (SGD 750): sang (Singapore) with Voyage of Discovery Third Prize (SGD 500): wahjoehidajat (Indonesia) with Discover SMU Values Congratulation, guys! Keep up the good work! :D And for the rest, thanks everyone for your participation. There are still a lot of other call for entries that you can participate in. So do not lose hope, okay? ;) In the meantime, let us watch and see the winning entries together, shall we?