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Before the future was unclear for us and honestly a little bit scary - not any more! You have helped us imagine a future where shopping will be so easy we want to be there already! Your amazing ideas made us slap our foreheads in amazement of how have we never thought of something so obvious and yet so futuristic as we went from one creation to another. Great overall - this is our opinions about all your ideas. Why don't you reread the brief and get ready for the winners?
Right here, our futuristic thinking friend! Congratulations to you all! And now, the really lucky ones! Note: In italics you can read the jury
1st prize of $1,000 USD goes to nicko Comment: This video was chosen as the winning one because it illustrated ideas very well, and they were both innovative and realizable. 2nd prize of $500 USD goes to urbansicc Comment: We really appreciated this animation because you pushed your ideas very far and illustrated in a nice graphic way. 3rd prize of $250 USD goes to adintermedia Comment: Your simple but rich video impressed us because of its authenticity; the way you propose to overcome one online shopping's major disatvantages is interesting. 4th prize of $250 USD goes to xgeroimo Comment: An amazing idea about how to link online voting systems with shopping in a physical store.
Big thanks to all of you for participating. Meeting point - eYeka for more contests and great prizes! See you soon!