Our featured creator of July 2011 is Gorgy a.k.a kutudaun! He is one of the talented animators we have in the Indonesian community. For non-Indonesian speakers, kutu means ‘flea’, and daun means ‘leaf’, so literally kutudaun means flea on the leaf. Hahahaha :D So far he has grabbed 4 awards in eYeka, namely from Air Asia, Gillette, F1, and adidas.


Let’s get to know more of this ‘flea’ through the short conversation below: Tell us more about yourself Hello! My name is Gorgy, and I use kutudaun as my eYeka username. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. Right now I’m working for an animation studio in Jakarta. I love animation and traveling. I would love to go around the world, visiting new places, meeting and sharing knowledge with new people, as well as knowing different cultures, and also working together with animators from different countries! :) You have won three prizes in eYeka so far. Well done! What is it that made you wanted to participate in our call for entries? Thank you! First of all: the experience. Participating in eYeka’s CFE is definitely very tantalizing because there are a lot of amazing creators from all over the world, and also because of the famous brands. By participating in eYeka’s CFE, we, as a creator, will be getting a chance and experience to “work” with international brands and also to compete with other creators. Secondly are the prizes offered! They are very attractive! Where do you usually get your inspiration from? I usually get my inspiration from the Internet, music, daily life, and even television! What are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things that you think could be improved on or added in the future? What I like about eYeka is definitely the CFE, because there are lots of CFE by famous brands and the briefs are very interesting as well. Secondly is the community. By joining eYeka, we, as a creator, will get to know other creators from different countries, and will also be able to share knowledge and information with them. Thirdly are the people in eYeka itself, because they are always very patient in answering our questions :) (Aww...thank you! :)) The last one is the prizes! They are really, really attractive! :D Some suggestion for eYeka: maybe eYeka can hold a creators forum/gathering in each country so they will be able to know one another in real life, and perhaps one day when eYeka has grown bigger, a global gathering for community members all over the globe! :) Any advise to your fellow aspiring animators? Practice, practice, and practice! To me, that is the key to a good animation :) ------------------------------------ Thank you, Gorgy for sharing your passion and of course your suggestions for eYeka! We look forward to more creative creations by you! :D p.s.: did you guys notice the Simpsons fellas on the bottom right of his picture? ;)