We noticed that today brands are more and more eager to put faces on the pseudonyms that contribute to the call-for-entries they launch on eYeka. So in order to better introduce eYeka’s community, we would like you to tell us a little more about you, your passions and how you see us! eYeka is the world’s biggest and most diverse creative community (see this infographic) and we want to illustrate that.All those people have different origins, lives, day jobs, motivations and stories. What about you? Follow the link to go to the brief :) Hopefully by now, you should already be answering the questions from the brief in your head. We are looking forward to seeing your amazing answers! You may talk in your native language (audio), as long as you indicate the subtitles in the description of your media. Prizes awaiting for you! Jury's prizes:

  • 1st prize: iPod Nano engraved with "eYeka co-creation community” (8Go)
  • 1st to 20th prize: mini eYeka USB key (2Go)
Early birds’ prizes:
  • For the 10 first accepted videos: mini eYeka USB key (2Go)
Time is running - the last day to participate is June 26th!