Hi guys, Good news: we have cleared up the brief for easier understanding, because we realized it did not exactly express what we are expecting. Some thought we are looking for an ad but the truth is, we are not looking for an ad, but instead, we are looking for a new, hip, classy, trendy ways to promote Chivas J&J in premium cities in China. It can be anything! From new drinking experiences, special events to promote it, new drinking games, unique ways to sell it or make it stands out in bars and KTVs, new rituals around serving and drinking it, mobile apps using location detector, augmented reality, QR codes, ... anything goes! Show us your wild imagination :D And remember, every element in your entry has to be original and free of rights. :) Chivas J&J call for entries is ending in 6 days, precisely on 6th July 2011. So what are you waiting for? Click here to view the brief and amaze us with your unique and creative ideas!